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Community Radio To Cultural Institution w/ Tim Sweeney

Had a great conversation with Derrick Gee recently. I'll let him take it away:

00:00 - Introduction
04:45 - Introducing Tim Sweeney
05:40 - Origin story of Beats In Space
15:45 - When BIS became influential
18:35 - What keeps him going after 25 years
22:20 - RP Boo 
23:20 - Guests/Criteria
26:35 - What makes a great mix
31:00 - Differing DJ cultures
34:40 - Dance music and its changes
41:30 - How Tim Sweeney has evolved
43:05 - Transitioning to Apple Music
47:00 - The Impact of BIS
54:00 - Words of Radio Wisdom

Tim Sweeney Selects His Favourite Dance Albums From 2022 for Clash Magazine

"Tim Sweeney Selects His Favourite Dance Albums From 2022

It's a typically eclectic selection...
It’s been a year of transition for Tim Sweeney. The American DJ and broadcaster took his long-running Beats In Space show to Apple Music, and this change seemed to inject fresh energy into the format. Joined a host of guests, the past 12 months have included countless highlights, epitomising the ongoing importance of Beats In Space as a platform.

With the year drawing to a close, Clash has been counting down our favourite albums from 2022. And it only seems right to invite Tim Sweeney to contribute, casting his gaze over 12 months of scintillating electronic music."

Neu! created a rhythm that’s still beating 50 years later

Jonathan Williger wrote an article for The Washington Post about the 50th Anniversary of Neu!'s first album and featured a couple quotes from Tim Sweeney about the bands influence on electronic and dance music.

DJ Mag Best of North America Awards

Voting now open for the DJ Mag "Best of North America Awards." Tim Sweeney was nominated in "Underground Hero.
Recognising the champions of grassroots music communities"

Axel Boman Interview
Carl Craig Interview

Here's Carl Craig talking about performing in London with Derrick May in 1989 before Inner City, how he met his mentor Mark Moore from S’Express and what being a mentor means to him. Listen back to the full interview and DJ mix on the BIS Show Page

Schedule Change

we're getting a schedule upgrade on Apple Music radio! The first broadcast of BIS will now be every Friday at 4pm in NYC (1pm in LA/9pm in London). This week we've got @perelmusic joining us in the studio. Tune in!

Beats In Space Interview with Ash Lauryn

Ash Lauryn speaking about the influence of Atlanta on her. Listen back to the full interview and dj mix on the BIS Radio Show page on Apple Music.