60’s and 70’s Thai Funk with Maft Sai on tonights show!


Maft Sai caught my attention with his two Thai funk compilations called "Thai Funk ZudRangMa". The packaging for these comps is amazing too. I asked Maft Sai for a mix and he turned in something special. in his words "(with) this mix I didn't play too much of Thai Funk but instead "Luk Thung Music" = "Children of Rice Fields" which is the roots of Thai Funk most of the production is around late 60's - 70's + last couple of tracks is "Molam Music" = "Dance Doctor" Music of Thailand-northeast area (more percussion based) also on a same era as Luk Thung." it'll be something special, so make sure to check it out tonight.

he also does his own radio show called Radio ZudRangMa, so make sure to check that out!