and finally Sapporo!

we arrived in Sapporo and they've got aquariums at the airport! nice!

that weekend it was the annual Yosakoi Festival happening in Sapporo. Crazy outfits and dancing going on

afterwards, it was time for the sound check at Precious Hall

banner at precious hall with their logo

modified turntables!

one set of speakers... this sound system was incredible!! please try and make a pilgrimage to this club. it's worth it! I think it's my favorite club in the world now!

keep it McIntosh! (kim ann/silvia photo credit)

sound check (kim ann/silvia photo credit)

then it was off to dinner. tofu up first

a little spinach salad, please





sushi rolls

japanese crab! (kim ann/silvia photo credit)

ferris wheel in sapporo

huge japan on the ceiling of the hotel entrance!

back to the club... kim ann performing live! nice shades!

at about 7am they brought out the free coffee for everyone! I needed it. we didn't stop until 10:15am!

kim ann at about 8am

gotta' find the perfect record! (thanks to kim ann/silvia for the photo)

the next day, kim ann and silvia took off for tokyo and I hung around in sapporo for a couple more days. the river in sapporo:

sapporo style road works

japan loves giant mechanical crabs!

Odori Park

then I went for a quick sushi dinner

that one on the left looked crazy

and of course, have to keep things classic with a Sapporo Beer!

my last day in Japan and Satoru-san was nice enough to take me fishing in Sapporo!

there were lots of people fishing where we were

we caught a crab and a flounder. haha

after we finished fishing, Satoru-san took me to check out his other club: Fillmore North. This is where David Mancuso comes to do his Loft party in Japan. It was another amazing place! It's only open once a week and the same crew that works at Precious Hall works at the Fillmore North. I really want to see The Loft there one day. The sound system is exactly like The Loft in New York. All Klipsch Horn speakers:

special needles, turntables and mixer:

view from the dj booth

view of the dj booth

then it was time for a japanese homestyle dinner and off to get some rest before my long flight home!

pick up a special rice ball for the airplane ride

made it to narita airport, now time to fly home! thanks Sapporo!!!