Best of list for parties in 2010:

1. Most fun in Paris: BIS 10th Anniversary party with Optimo and Superpitcher at the Social Club (Jan 16)

2. Still my favorite venue in Portugal: Lux Fragil, Lisbon (Feb 12)

3. Craziest times in Moscow: Denis Simachev Bar (Feb 19 & Oct 22)

4. Most fun in Sao Paulo: Lions (Feb 26)

5. Can't believe how many people show up for a party in Minneapolis and dance to anything: First Avenue (Mar 6)

6. Best party where absolutely no one shows up until the last hour: Queen Kong Club, Neuchatel (Mar 20)

7. Still in love with Glasgow crowds: Melting Pot (May 1) and Hung Up (Jul 4)

8. Weekend I might not have made it home alive: Rub N Tug at Dissonanze Festival (May 21) and Eric Duncan at Tunnel Club, Milan (May 22)

9. Best new US venue: U Street Music Hall, DC (May 30 & Oct 16)

10. Favorite venue/sound system in the world (and serves free coffee after 6am): Precious Hall, Sapporo (Jun 12)

11. Best party in New York: Marcy Hotel, Brooklyn (Jun 20)

12. Biggest crowd: Roskilde Festival before LCD Soundsystem, Denmark (Jul 1)

13. Best scenery at an outdoor festival: Aires Libres Festival, Marseille (Sep 5)

14. Best party before a visit to the hospital: Excuse Me?, Valencia (Oct 2)

15. Favorite new venue in Turkey: Mini Muzikhol (Nov 13)

16. Best party shut down by the police: Viet Cong Disco with Juan Maclean, Brooklyn (Dec 3)

17. Best home cooked dinner in the club's office: Robert Johnson, Frankfurt (Dec 18)