more Japan pictures: Fukuoka

After Osaka I headed down to Fukuoka for 3 nights...

first up, lunch at the train station in Osaka

then time for the shinkansen bullet train!

inside the train (I wish Amtrak could be this nice/fast!!):

arriving at Hakata station (Fukuoka's central train station)

then straight to the record store! digro market

ticro market!

view number 2 of ticro market

always have to hit up a Lawson when you're thirsty!

famous Ramen noodle place on the street in front of my hotel

bento lunch

fukuoka style road works

Onsen time! My first experience at a Japanese onsen. We drove about 45 minutes out of the city to this place in the mountains:

entering the onsen

price list

view inside the onsen (sorry, couldn't take any more than that! haha)

after we finished at the onsen, we had dinner at the restaurant there. first up, tofu

then it was a chicken nabe... fukuoka is famous for its chicken

view of the hot pot

after you finish all the chicken and vegetables you add rice and eggs to the soup!

then it was back to Fukuoka... I don't know what it's about, but I like this duck!

the next day I checked out Ohori Park and the ruins of the Fukuoka castle

view on top of the ruins

another view of the city

one side of the castle where they still had a building

shinto shrine on the way to Ohori park

Ohori Park

a small bridge in the park

another view

also inside the park

longer bridge to the other end of the park

then it was time for dinner before the party... we went to this spot that specialized in maguro (tuna)!

dinner... all kinds of tuna!

afterwards, it was time to go to the club... Kieth Flack

thanks for the great party, Sati!

nice shirt!

the next day... quick soba and rice ball before my flight to tokyo

Thanks to Sati and the crew at Kieth Flack for everything in Fukuoka!