Best of 2021 Pt. 1

Over the next two weeks I'll be playing some of my favorites from 2021. The first radio show is online now:

BIS is Back!

🚨🚨🚨 I'm excited to announce that BIS is back! 🙌 I’m taking Beats In Space to Apple Music! 🔥 Tune-in for the first mix - going live tonight at 7pm PT/10pm EDT. 🎆 🍾 ☺️

New Address for Postcards!

We've got a new postcard address:

Tim Sweeney / Beats In Space
P.O. Box 30086
New York, NY 10011

It Might Not Be On The Radio

I'm updating a weekly playlist of what I would play here

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Goodbye, Beats In Space

Thank you all for listening to Beats In Space for the past 21 years! It's been an amazing experience with plenty of ups and downs but it's now time to figure out what's next. You can listen to the last radio show on March 9th here. I also want to give a big shout out and thank you to the crew at RVNG for helping me run the Beats In Space record label for the past 10 years! They're an amazing bunch and I could not have done it without them! Like the radio show, the record label has been a labor of love and I hope you've enjoyed something from it. We're doing a big sale on all BIS releases and merch while supplies last. Thank you for listening and stay tuned for more news.

BIS Going On An Extended Break

As reported on RA and announced on the radio show (#1085): we're going on an extended break. Thank you all for listening over the past 21 years!! It's been a wild ride. -tim

Tim Sweeney – 8th & Broadway on Public Release
Clash Magazine meets Sweeney
Dukes of Chutney – Scent of India (Feat. E Ruscha V)

Dukes of Chutney - Scent Of India (Feat. E Ruscha V)

Featuring footage from Surf Hits Vol. 1: Jungle Jetset by Jack McCoy
Edited by Dustin Lynn

Taken from Hazel, the debut album from Dukes of Chutney (Dustin Lynn, John Paul Jones, and Petra), on Beats In Space Records.

Learn more:

No color so blatant
Replacement already taken
Swimming around your neck
All memories so fragrant
Impatiently unshaken
Crawling around your neck
So blue
It’s what it is
And it’s what it was
But you don’t wanna hear
Shine on
Another assorted bliss
Already here
So blue

Summer Sale: August 5 – September 9

the tale of a summer sale ☀️ dive for discounts across the BIS, RVNG, Commend, + Freedom To Spend waters.

20% off select items August 5th - September 9th on Shopify and Bandcamp.