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Anatolian Weapons, the newest project of Athens, Greece-based artist Aggelos Baltas, debuts on Beats In Space Records with To The Mother Of Gods, an album made in collaboration with folk musician and composer Seirios Savvaidis.

Baltas, who is perhaps best known for a handful of celebrated EBM 12”s as Dream Weapons and a particularly heady brand of krautrock as Fantastikoi Hxoi, conceived his Anatolian Weapons project as a way to bring together these two seemingly mismatched concepts, with the polyrhythmic percussion and wailing tones of Greek folk music serving as their unlikely bonding agent.

After hearing Savvaidis’ music through a friend, Baltas reached out to collaborate and the seeds of To The Mother Of Gods were sown. Savvidis contributed stems of ten songs, which Baltas deconstructs and rearranges with appreciation of the ancestry of their lineage and of the deceptively ancient eerie, droning qualities inherent in the style. Occasionally augmenting Savvaidis’ recordings with his own, Baltas treats these elements as if raw materials for an architectural process.

Watch the video for the first offering from the album, “Ofiodaimon,” edited by Phil Tortoroli, below:

Anatolian Weapons’ To The Mother Of Gods will be available from Beats In Space on June 14, 2019 in limited vinyl and unlimited digital forms. On behalf of Anatolian Weapons, a portion of the proceeds from this release will benefit The International Rescue Committee(IRC) as part of our Come! Mend! Initiative.

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