New Andras LP “Joyful” coming to Beats In Space Records!

Andras’ Joyful is a cornucopic vision rooted in the decay of dance music from one of Australia’s most distinct yet understated voices. Cutting a path through an overgrowth of nostalgia around 70s acid folk and 90s acid house, Joyful is an invitation to till an old garden in a glistening new light.

A thirteen year old Andrew Wilson sits in the back of his parents’ sedan, driving down the coast from Melbourne. Headphones covering his awkwardly aged ears and connected to a jam-packed mp3 player, he experiences an intense synchronicity when the car careens over a mountain crest in the Otway Ranges right as the track in his ears peaks. A momentary vision of a “first rave rush,” in which Australia’s lauded party history dances tellingly with this dreamer’s destiny.

Not so much later but perhaps more worldly and certainly more aware, Wilson returns home from touring, now a “veteran” of the dance world, to realize a different synchronicity in his record collection. Finding Ian Van Dahl nestled next to John Fahey, William Orbit spine-to-spine with Shira Small, the harmony between folk music of the early 70s and dance music from the 90s becomes perfectly audible in unimaginable ways.

Through an afterglow from both summers of love seeped in shared sonic soil, on Joyful, Wilson cultivates melodic drama and tenderness, memorable hooks and rapturous arpeggios; sentimental strings summon both joyful aspirations and the shadows of faded dreams. Using folk songs as fodder – lyrics, samples, note progressions – each entry of Wilson’s debut album under his Andras moniker is a return to a different springtime of the mind.

Joyful is the return to a guileless chapter of personal history as heard through plain, sane, and simple folk melodies. Joyful is a homecoming, a testament to the evolving euphoria of a flower garden rooted in earth’s tender rot, of birds and bees flying free but not without a changing landscape in sight.

Andras’ Joyful is available on LP and digital formats on January 31, 2020 via Beats In Space. On behalf of Andras, a portion of proceeds from this release will benefit the Invasive Species Council on the recommendation of Tim Low, author of the book Feral Future and Where Song Began.

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Jennifer Vanilla “Erase The Time” video!

Propelled along by an acid-tinged synth, "Erase The Time" speaks specifically to the malleability of existence on the dance floor. Conceived in collaboration with director Lisa Bass, the video (sourced in part by hacked surveillance footage from Brian Abelson) makes use of Times Square as a site of inevitable public record.

"As an experiment of being somebody else, Jennifer Vanilla is an exercise in manifesting the aspirational self, of choosing identity, of opting in to the most realized form of embodiment— all quintessential to the New York City narrative," says Jennifer Vanilla of the inspiration behind the video. "We extend these concepts in this video by occupying the quintessential New York space. Jennifer is a mode of role play. She is an activation of fantasy that becomes real through the gesture of performance, and hyper-real through the captivation of the technological eye and the use of virtual representation."

Watch the second offering from the J.E.N.N.I.F.E.R. EP, directed by Lisa Bass, below:

Mr. Scruff, Tim Sweeney & MC Kwasi – Melting Pot, Queens Park, Glasgow 2019

Mr. Scruff & Tim Sweeney on a 6 hour session from a slightly damp park in Glasgow. The sun came out after and hour or two, and so did the dancing people. Top vibes as always with the Melting Pot crew!

The Guardian features Beats In Space in “The month’s best mixes: cosmic connections and oceanic electronics”

Lauren Martin from The Guardian writes about Beats In Space Episode 1000:

"When Tim Sweeney moved from Maryland to study at New York University in 1999, he signed up to host on the campus radio station, WNYU 89.1 FM. A largely solo affair in the early days, Sweeney spent his Tuesday evenings as Beats in Space, mixing live and talking to callers. When he started working for James Murphy’s DFA label, his star began to shine, tapping into the mid-00s punk-dance scene and honing his affable, downbeat charm. When he graduated in 2003, the show continued – it’s now considered one of the longest running college radio shows in the US, and has featured hundreds of guest DJs. Last week, Beats in Space celebrated its 1,000th broadcast. For these two and a half hours, it’s Sweeney at the controls: playing some of his favourite records throughout the years, all punctuated by sweet messages left on the hotline by past guests."

Beats In Space Episode 1000

Ransom Note Artist To Artist: Tim Sweeney & Alison Swing

Artist To Artist
Tim Sweeney and Alison Swing talk shop in this interview for Ransom Note

RA Exchange live from Sydney with Tim Sweeney

"This Exchange was recorded live earlier this month in Sydney before a 20 Years Of Beats In Space party. The city's own dance music radio veteran Lorna Clarkson lifts the lid on the influences and experiences that made Sweeney into the vital figure he is today."

Tim Sweeney and Beats In Space featured in The New York Times!
New T & P (Tim Sweeney & Lauer) remix for Rollover Milano Records
Johannes Klingebiel – Positional Play