Tomasz Guiddo w/ Rexy & Grzegorz Bojanek – Narcissist

Tomasz Guiddo w/ Rexy & Grzegorz Bojanek "Narcissist" is out today (Friday, July 24th) and we'll be having a premiere of the track at 10AM (EDT) on YouTube with Tomasz, Rexy and Grzegorz all in the chat room if you want to ask any questions!

Guiddo returns to Beats in Space with Polish producer Grzegorz Bojanek and the elusive, iconic Rexy to conjure a tune that tunnels between decades, bringing the soft edges of English New Wave to the layered lucidity of modern pop for Narcissist.

The titular track’s bounce of low tones juxtaposes beautifully with Rex Nayman'ssoprano croon until she downshifts into a dagger of spoken word that strikes at pretenders and egomaniacs alike. Guiddo orchestrates dub-wise sounds from strings to synths that bring the composition to high(er) ground, weaving Bojanek's flourishes of plucked guitar through the mix for a welcome velvet staccato. “Narcissist” glimmers under a summer sun (even when gleaned from cool interiors) to gesture a shrug or a finger-flip at those egocentrics in charge.

Nayman and her bandmate Vic Martin crafted one record as Rexy in 1981, the cult classic Running Out of Time, that appeared like a comet in the London scene and earned the duo scores of admirers for its acidly ironic lyricism that described a city rotting with megalomania and disenchantment. The duo went their separate ways soon after recording the album, but Running Out of Time left an indelible imprint on the musical universe. In their first record in nearly 30 years, Rexy brings that same unsparing gaze to the modern sociopaths that creep through the world's bars, clubs, and bedrooms. Nayman’s choral arrows have found a 21st century target: "Who's your next victim? / Now that I've got away / Who are you gonna trample? / When they get in your way."

Narcissist follows Guiddo’s 12” with Georges Perin, Gin ‘n Tears, released on Beats In Space in 2014. A collaborative force unto himself, Guiddo shines brightest at the controls, creating a new pop classic across time and (literal) space with Bojanek and Rexy.


Dukes of Chutney “Little War (feat. Wovette)”

Dukes of Chutney's, long-awaited debut album Hazel explores life’s wandering ways while widening its path. Recorded from remote yet commonly tranquil corners of the world over a six year span, the transcontinental trio of Dustin Lynn, John Paul Jones, and Petra, explore the different spaces and places, between nothingness and nature, that nurture inner and outer peace.

Neck-deep in the Indian Ocean, submerged in a cenote in the Yucatan peninsula, or ankle-deep in a kiddie pool on a Brooklyn rooftop, “Little War” ripples as invitingly as any body of water you wish to soak in. Dukes of Chutney concoct a dream beat about love for the sake of love –even when that love can get full of little tiffs and bumps– “Little War” is sweet, immersive, refreshing, redemptive.

Enjoy the video for "Little War (feat. Wovette)" by Dustin Lynn below:

Tim Sweeney 1 hour mix for Promise Cherry Beach in Toronto
Josey In Space is out today!

It's finally here! Josey In Space


01. DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess – Dub (Dub)
02. rRoxymore – What’s The Plan
03. Tenesha The Wordsmith Feat. Daniel B. Summerhill – I Dream So Loud
04. Afrodeutsche – Phase Two
05. Fotomachine – BBoy
06. Brassfoot – Kingu’s Sceptre
07. Automation – Electricity
08. Hieroglyphic Being – Bird Songs 4 Amelie
09. Uschi Classen With Robert Owens – Only In Your Eyes (Nwachukwu Innervision 1)
10. Titonton Duvante – Avenues
11. Reggie Dokes – Piano Seduction
12. Nubian Mindz – Sunrise 777
13. Rum & Black – Zombies At Dawn
14. Loraine James – Glitch Bitch
15. Shy One – Route II Romeos
16. Access 58 - Jazz Drama
17. Andrés - Café Con Léché
18. Molinaro – Amber Beach
19. Rogue Unit – Dance Of The Sarooes (Nookie Remix)
20. Lex Amor – Praises

Shy One “Route II Romeos”
Debuting the Josey In Space Mix CD for Patreon Members

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Tim Sweeney: Beats In Space Flavour of the Label Mix

Put together a mix for Ransom Note featuring some current and forthcoming releases on the Beats In Space record label.

Weird Science mix with Tim Sweeney

Here's a two hour mix recorded live in Brooklyn on a Sunday night in December... new wave, post punk, krautrock and other assorted things.

RIP Andrew Weatherall

A huge influence on Beats In Space.

1. Barry Woolnaugh – Great Spirit Father In The Sky – Moine Dubh
2. John Grant – Disappointing (Richard Sen Remix)
3. Craig Bratley – Play The Game (Andrew Weatherall Remix) – Magic Feet
4. Alan Rankine – Can You Believe Everything I See – Les Disques Du Crépuscule
5. The Blow Monkeys – Save Me (Unreleased Neville Watson Dub)
6. Jagwar Ma – Give Me A Reason (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
7. Mario Viera – Cosmic Matter – Santa Esperanza Records
8. Herb Alpert – Rise (Tuff City Kids Remix)
9. Visti & Meyland – Tabah (DJ Disse Remix)
10. The Antirealists – Absence (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)
11. Headman/Robi Insinna – Dechainee (Dub Version)
12. Capablanca & T.Keeler – Trepanado

The Guardian on Andrew Weatherall passing away