Time for Tokyo…

after Fukuoka I took a quick flight up to Tokyo to meet up with Kim Ann Foxman (of Hercules And Love Affair), Silvia, Halima and Koji... and it was off to dinner:

octopus and squid

clams (sorry, forgot to take a picture before we ate them all!)






after dinner we headed to Grandfather's Bar

and met these characters

they really liked Kim Ann and Silvia!

we requested some songs from Grandfather's huge record collection... but they didn't have them!

lunch the next day in shibuya. perfect for the sake hangover.

then it was time for more record shopping... Lighthouse Records

crew at Lighthouse that day... Yo Chida, nice Ene Records!

Music Land Key... my key to Japan too: Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Fukuoka!

Next up... Kim Ann doing sound check at Eleven

Silvia and Kim Ann getting ready to eat!

Chef Tim cooking up a storm! (thanks to Kim Ann/Silvia for the photo)

asparagus and salt

raw meat and egg! yeah!


Grilling some meat

more meat and a nice flower!

korean style okonomiyaki

rice number 1

rice number 2


we were stuffed... but time to go to the club. good crowd! (thanks to Kim Ann/Silvia for these last couple photo's)

happy dj

end of the night... no one wants to go home!

next day at the airport... treated myself to a hokkaido melon ice cream to get ready for sapporo! haha.