because of the weather forecast for tomorrow (thunderstorms and rain all day) we decided it would be wise to move this indoors.... we found an amazing Soho loft to do the party. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon tea party! It will now be from 2pm to 11pm at the Safe Harbor Loft (446 Broadway near Canal Street in Manhattan). Please let as many people know about this change as you can. Thank you so much and look forward to seeing you tomorrow!!! Tickets are available at or $30 at the door.

Set times:::::
2pm: Tim Sweeney
3pm: Blondes (live)
4pm: DJ Nature
5pm: Kim Ann Foxman
6pm: Metro Area
7pm: Rub N Tug
8pm: Juan Maclean
9pm: Tim Sweeney
10pm: Matthew Dear

Safe Harbor Loft:
446 Broadway near Canal in Manhattan. 3rd Floor.