20 Aug
  • Tim Sweeney
  • Circle Line Cruises (42nd and 12th Ave)
  • New York, USA
Hot Honey Sundays

Ahoy, Ahoy Hot Honey Sailors!

Are you ready to dive back into the thrilling high-seas adventure? Your favorite crew, Deo'Jorge, Anna Colleta, and JKriv, are back for the second round of the Hot Honey Sundays Boat Edition in 2023. Remember how we rocked the boat on June 18th? Our first edition this year was a total blast, with our mighty Soundsystem making the waves dance along with us. Now, brace yourselves as we've kept everything you loved and we're gearing up to do it all over again!

We're hoisting the anchor and once again unleashing the Soundsystem that'll make the waves tremble! Be ready to board promptly at 4PM at Circle Line Cruises, located at West 42nd St and 12th Ave, 83 North River Piers, New York, NYC 10036. Don't risk getting left behind in Davy Jones' locker, me hearties!

Prepare to ride the wild waves of music, dance, and stunning views as we cruise through the city's party waters. We'll return to shore at 9PM, but the stories and memories we create will become part of the legendary Hot Honey Sundays saga.

Join us on this unforgettable voyage. Let's make more memories together in the second edition of Hot Honey Sundays of 2023!

This is a 21+ event