The Noughties

Aptly titled The Noughties, the latest 12" from Beats In Space Records features three tracks recorded between 2005 and 2009 courtesy of Tokyo's humbly dynamic Gonno. A dynamic producer who is clearly not afraid to nest until crucial hatch time, Gonno flies the coop with a wingspan throwing psychedelic color at a sunburst sky.

Blending a spectrum of musical influences and personal touch points about the people (and animals) he’s encountered and the implicit joy / sorrow in that exchange, Gonno’s productions blur the lines between art and life experience.

Propulsive and busy but light and airy, the a-side "Are You Asleep" tucks in the listener under a sequenced duvet ensuring proper dream state dance floors are availed. “Salmon Is Jamming”, an ode to Gonno’s collaborator friend and WC Recordings founder who passed away, strides on the sweet sorrow of a longing guitar line and a building synth billow.

The final phreak-phonetic cut "Notoize" creates a fugue state cross-processing the vague, hyper-evolution of a decade that we're either catching up to or completely eating its dust. If you ask us, we're all gonners.

Each 12" from Beats in Space Records features original artwork in considerate and serial form. This 12" features the Bardo freebasing of Perks & Mini mastermind Mischa Hollenbach spanning an additional two panels of heavy duty inner sleeve. The 12" packaging constructed by Will Work For Good features a removable vinyl BIS logo cling.

Gonno’s The Noughties is available now on Beats In Space as a limited edition 12” and digitally.