Matt Karmil
So You Say / Wheel

Suffering years of servitude under the hand of the man, Matt Karmil tilled a nonplussed attitude towards sharing his creative pursuits into a garden of dance music delight. From this soulful soil are plucked the gorgeous jams of So You Say (Dirty Tape Heads Mix) / Wheel, his debut Beats In Space Records 12”.

“So You Say (Dirty Tape Heads Mix)” elevates a sweeping disco loop into acid house heaven with a euphoric 303 bassline and hypnotic string sample refractions. The cloudscapes form into more precise patterns on “Wheel”, a filter house jam tweaked to maximum peak-induced joy. Together, both sides of Matt Karmil’s 12” triumph over terrestrial concerns and relish in the heady pleasures of pure house music.

Each 12" from Beats in Space Records features original artwork in considerate and serial form. Susumu Mukai animates and extrapolates hieroglyphics of yesterday’s dancefloor into the geometrically inclined cover art. The 12" packaging constructed by Will Work For Good features a removable vinyl BIS logo cling.

Matt Karmil’s So You Say / Wheel 12” is available now on Beats In Space as a limited edition 12” and on various digital formats.