Good To Me

For his maiden voyage through Space, Shan (Victor Shan, if it matters to you, and it should) offers Good To Me, a pair of revelatory dancefloor productions inspired by many a long night and early morning spent at the legendary Frankfurt institution Robert Johnson.

A finely-tuned specimen of durable, architectural sampling, the 12” title track runs a rigorous course of breakbeat rhythms and classic chords while a diva’s pleas are made and answered within seven minutes of perfect primetime rave.

On the flip, Shan churns through metallic stabs and primed drum sequences for the devious “Version 1.” Shan spent close to four years perfecting “Version 1” through various dancefloor demos, no more evident than in the stunning arc of this sought after jam.

Each 12″ on Beats in Space Records features original artwork in considerate and serial form. New York City’s Momo elicits euphoria in relief atop a digital, tropical mesh. Constructed by WWFG, direct mail order copies of the 12” features a removable vinyl BIS logo cling.

Shan’s Good To Me is available now as a limited edition 12” and across digital formats. Physical purchase includes a free, high-quality, multi-format download.