Anatolian Weapons feat. Seirios Savvaidis
Ofiodaimon EP

Anatolian Weapons returns with an EP of brand new remixes following June 2019’s debut To The Mother of Gods with Seirios Savviadis.

Featuring new takes on key album track “Ofiodaimon” by Tolouse Low Trax, Mr TC and Mekine U Teksi - as well as an instrumental dub take by Anatolian Weapons - the remix collection further opens the third eye that the album’s rapturous Levantine grooves first channeled.

The opening take is a collaboration between Germany’s seasoned Tolouse Low Trax and Anatolian Weapons, a cyclic, languorous mid-tempo stomp that hones in on microscopic elements of the original, swirling and constant in its drive, falling deep into the Kraut-fantasies that the album version flirts with and beckoned by the vocals of Savvaidis like calls from beyond. Mr TC - Glaswegian producer and force behind the Night of the Jaguar club night - opens with Savvaidis’ chant, building scattered rhythms into a holy trance of pulsing, interwoven lines that lasts long into the sunrise. Then Anatolian Weapons plays his own card - an instrumental take on the album version in which bagpipe-effected guitar drifts and eddies through the central currents like ribbons. The EP closes with Germany-residing Turkish producer duo Mekine U Teksi, whose repeating, endless bassline invokes the Gods of Turkey’s fertile psych era, their lightning bolts of treated guitar divine.

Anatolian Weapons’ To The Mother Of Gods was released by Beats In Space on June 14, 2019 in limited vinyl (now sold out) and unlimited digital forms. On behalf of Anatolian Weapons, a portion of the proceeds from the album and this digital EP will benefit The International Rescue Committee (IRC) as part of our Come! Mend! Initiative.