BIS052 – Andras – Joyful Remixes
Joyful Remixes

December 4, 2020

Andras recruits four of his sonic confidants to put their spins on his debut album, Joyful, released in the dawn of 2020. A bookend for an historical year, Joyful Remixes connects Andras’ work with friends from both near and far.

Oakland’s Madalyn Merkey floats “River Red” on the surface of a soap bubble, grafting a gossamer delicate exo-skeleton onto Andras’ pulsing techno composition. Cut Copy takes “Live Forever” galactic, injecting parallax tones to the track without sacrificing an inch of terrestrial groove. Eden Burns surrounds “Honeybird” and “Poppy” with a club-ready sheen and threads a new bassline spine through both tracks. Hobart-based Enderie blows the doors off “Goggles,” pulling levers that push it to wobbly limits and roar past sonic exit velocities.

Andras drew an electronic map of his musical memories with Joyful. Remixes is him sharing that cartography with his confidants, a community of sound that serves a simple reminder: joy is uncountable.